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Thomas Hanlon

Thomas Hanlon

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08/23/19 07:58 AM #1    

Lisa Dodge (Carroll)

You never forget your first love; still have the shammies, greet me every day 🍀🙏♥️

08/24/19 01:23 AM #2    

Timothy McGuane

We just spoke on the phone less than a year ago.  Maybe he wasn't aware he was ill at that time.  It was really nice to catch up with an old friend!  It was so nice to see where each of our lives journey's had taken us.  We were buddies and I'llmiss him!!!!  You never know when your time is up!  Are you going to say to "God", Later???  RIP my friend~~~~


08/27/19 07:44 PM #3    

Chris Lynde

God speed my friend. Thank you for all the great memories and laughter. You were a kind soul and we will all miss you. 

11/05/19 02:45 PM #4    

Jerry Braun

I just heard this and I am saddened to hear this news.  I just read Lisa's comments, and I was lucky enough to spend time together with Thomas and his first love, Lisa, along with my early girl friend Patty Stix in those early days, having lots of fun at Lisa's big ole house and it seems like just yesterday.

Thomas and I would hang out our early years at NTE and shared some fun times andmany coming of age moments and I will never forget you Thomas.

I was happy to hear he made it to some baseball games with Timmy Martin and John Martin over the past few years recently, and they shared pics, and this is a shock to me that we lost this good man.


RIP Thomas, you old pal, Dino 



12/29/19 06:19 PM #5    

Joe Goldman

Tom and I were in the same advisory.  I tell ya, that advisory was a hell of an institution.  No matter what crowd one was in, or was not in, when you see someone every morning for four years, in one way or another you get to know that person fairly well.  As far as I was concerned, Tom was easily in the "cool" crowd, and I was a nuthin'.

First of all, a notable achievement of Tom's: something caught fire in him at the University of Arkansas in the field of chemistry.  What did he do?  HE WENT AND EARNED A PH.D. IN CHEMISTRY.  You read that right: a doctoral degree.  He then worked in that field for a number of American corporations.

One reunion year, say the 20th or so, while relaxing after The Main Event at Dave Clark's folk's home over a bowl of weed, he mentioned to me that he didn't live on the North Shore until he started NTE.  Talk about being the new kid in an intimidatingly large school, Jeez Louise.  Most of us had our coterie of junior high friends on whom to lean on freshman and sophomore year or so, but not those who moved in freshman year.  But you'd never have known it with Tom: he was in the thick of it socially more or less from the word go, with that beaming smile of his and quite obviously, very healthy and solid self confidence.  I asked him how he did that and he explained that it was due to being from a family of seven children.  He said something to the effect of, "When your folks have their attention divided that many ways, you learn pretty well how to fend for yourself."   Man, was I touched, impressed, and inspired.  RIP, old buddy.

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