In Memory

Coleen Hanna

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08/26/15 08:57 AM #2    

Meredith Burnett (Foster)

Coleen passed away August 1974 in a car crash in Indiana.  I named one of my twins after her.  Her sister Jamie Hanna Williams is a pastor at the Libertyville Methodist Church.  She baptized by Colleen and is a very close friend of our family.

08/26/15 01:22 PM #3    

Barbara Fillion (Nubia Ortiz)

Thank you both for remembering my good friend Colleen! I still miss her and often dream about her! She died in a car accident in Wisconsin the summer after high school graduation. She actually graduated in Indianapolis as her father was transferred there her senior year. How wonderful to hear that Meredith named her daughter after Colleen! And thank you for the contact information regarding Colleen's sister Jamie.


08/26/15 04:20 PM #4    

Chris Kunkel

I also think of Coleen often She was always so fun to be around.Like Meredith I also thought I would name a daughter after her. but I never could have children so I did the next best thing and named one of my dogs after her. No disrespect to you or you daughter Meredith. Just my way of keeping her spirit alive.

08/28/15 01:13 AM #5    

Chris Wall

I have very vivid recollections of Colleen.  She was a very nice person, very matter of fact, very generous.  For some reason I remember borrowing a guitar from her - why she would loan me a guitar is beyond me since we didn't know each other very well.  It's funny how time makes these memories simultaneously vivid and fuzzy.  I stopped by her house not long after we graduated from New Trier to return it, I believe.  I remember hearing the stunning news that she had be killed in a car accident - and later, much later, that it was a drunk driver.  It was - and is- a terrible thing.  And yet, it's interesting to note that her goodness and spirit are still with us forty years after the fact.  



08/28/15 09:51 PM #6    

Lauren Schreyer

I too fondly remember Coleen - and what an impact her spirit had on my life . It is a testament to her kindness  that we all maintain such sweet memories of her and how she helped shape us in her own way 

09/05/15 12:42 PM #7    

Steve Sasaki

I hesitated about sharing this, but on the chance it will mean something to someone else other than me, I figured I'd post.  I've been writing a novel (which alone, is a long story and odd news) and one scene involved the arrival of a "new girl" to elemenary school.  The picture in my mind while writing this scene has always been, when Coleen came to Harper elementary school (in maybe 3rd grade?).  What happens in the scene is fictionalized, and has little to do with anything that actually happened, but the image of Coleen was always strong.  

Amazingly, I was rewriting that particular scene when the email(s) arrived, notifying that people were writing about Coleen... I didn't know she died in a car accident, but a car crash is an event my story.  Also, the novel is about dreams... I'll stop.

So for what it's worth that was my experience.  On a personal note, everyone sharing how significantly their lives were touched by Coleen, made me believe I'm on the right track with this novel.  It's been a boost to continue writing for another day, so thank you all who posted.           

09/06/15 07:54 PM #8    

Bruce McCormick

I recall knowing she was way out of my league.

I recall a friend, Andy Wilson, asking her out.

I recall she played guitar and I started taking guitar lessons because of her (though I have no rhythm nor much ability to detect tone.)

It seems to me she lived just up Chestnut street from where I lived (In the weird looking cubical off-white house at Chestnut and 21st), and how thrilled I was when she wanted to come by to see the couple of monkeys we had as pets.

And for some weird reason her memory came up in my thoughts, perhaps a couple weeks ago, just before I stumbled on finding out she passed away so many years ago.

I'm looking forward to God explaining it all to me, for as a human I keep feeling that it just isn't fair. I don't know by what right I say it, but it hurts.

12/11/16 03:04 PM #9    

Chris Wall

Just out of curiosity...I'm wondering why the "In Memory" notations, as brief as they are...aren't updated.  Colleen passed in 1974 but it says "date unknown."  Lee Sandlin passed last year, I believe - same thing.  I found out about Lee anyone keeping this current?  (Understanding, of course, that people have day jobs.)

12/12/16 05:07 PM #10    

Meredith Burnett (Foster)

Chris I agree with your comment and we as a group will work to update this site.  I believe that you are indeed correct in that we have many things on our plate but we have discussed this and we will make an effort to add and update this. Thank you for your understand and have a happy and safe holiday.

12/13/16 11:12 AM #11    

Chris Wall

Thanks Meredith.  Did not mean it as a criticism.  I'm really rather amazed at how well you keep us informed.  Happy holidays!

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