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Chris Wall

Chris Wall

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05/17/17 10:36 AM #1    

Mary Sayre (Eriksson)

Love you Chris! This tribute says it all..."The Great Wall!"






05/19/17 12:26 AM #2    

Gerry O'Dowd

Thanks Mary. Great article...worth reading!

05/19/17 02:16 PM #3    

Chuck White (White)

Always amazing to see what our classmates were doing for a living. So sorry to hear of his passing. I will always remember, because my shoulder won't let me forget, him falling on me in Junior High school as we both tried to catch a football in a game of 500. I landed on my right shoulder and he fell on my left, separating my right collar bone and breast bone joint. Great guy.




05/19/17 03:27 PM #4    

Norbert Biderman

Wonderful article on Chris, he had an obvious impact in his profession...representing hard work, dedication, with a selfless approach!  To back this up and a fond memory...all through our sophomore year, Chris and I would meet in the gym before school started, to practice basketball.  At that point he was 6'8", not too coordinated, and trying to figure out if the sport was for him!  :-)  But, we worked together at developing and honing his skills five days a week. The irony, is we practiced basically in the dark since our only lighting was the emergency exit lights, and, the light emerging from the new dawn of the day!  Remarkable dedication & perseverance!

05/19/17 06:41 PM #5    

Michael Burns Russell

I moved to the area right before our freshman year and Chris was one of the first true friends I made. As freshman in speech class he gave a persuasive speech entitled "Do belly dancers do navel maneuvers?" Chris delivered an amazing and funny speech. For 4 great years we often sat stone faced to watch the effect of his good natured pranks on our fellow students.  I lost touch with him after high school  but thought about his amazing soul often.  I know he will be missed by all he touched!

05/27/17 04:37 PM #6    

Gerry O'Dowd

This is a link to two video montages that were shown at the memorial service for Chris Wall at Ogilvy & Mather, the ad agency where he worked...and was loved and respected by so many...



06/03/17 10:42 PM #7    

Gerry O'Dowd

Here is another obituary

12/29/19 06:09 PM #8    

Joe Goldman

Chris and I got to know each other senior year.  Our gym lockers were right across from each other's, and we'd shoot the breeze a bit before and afer gym.  I just loved is very cerebral nature, and certainly a warm personality.  Really liked him.

There are many mesures of success in life, and career is but one of them.  And on that note, I would like to make clear just how high Chris rose in the advertising industry.  He was quiet literally amongst the top of the pack in the world's most important city for advertising, our own New York City.  His firm, Olgivy and Mather, is a giant and a top tier player.  To become Chief Creative Officer of a firm with such a golden roster of clients says it all.  He was an executive with enormous responsibilities.  He personally headed up one of the most prestigious ad accounts in the world: IBM.  To say that IBM not only has its pick of ad men to use, but is extremely demanding and choosy would be a fair statement.  And who did that corporate giant rely on for fifteen years?  NTE's very own Chris Wall.  Below are remarks from his firm.  Just look at the laundry list of giant, ultra-demanding  firms who turned to Chris for their work.  Way to go Chris!

In 1987, he was hired by BBDO Los Angeles, and helped craft award-winning advertising campaigns such as “What’s on Your Powerbook” for Apple. In the 1990s, Wall moved to Ogilvy and Mather, New York, when he served as Chief Creative Officer, leading creation of IBM’s worldwide advertising for 15 years.

Steve Hayden, retired Vice Chairman of Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide, and Wall’s long-term mentor and friend noted that, under Wall’s leadership, IBM’s brand value moved from #283 in to #3. Wall also created advertising campaigns for for UPS, Motorola, Kodak, Computer Discount Warehouse and, more recently, Cisco Systems.


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