In Memory

Peter Niefeld

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03/06/20 04:51 PM #1    

Joe Goldman

There are good friends, and some great friends, from childhood and our high school years.  And then, if we are lucky, there are those five or so who were not only great friends, but were actually part of shaping us, part of our mentality today, and part of our development.  That was Pete to me. He lived but one block from me, and I could not possibly list all the great times we shared, both as schoolboys and as high schoolers.  I cannot count the number of times I was in his home...and probably vice versa.  

He was true blue in every sense of the word.  We also were very different in many ways.  No question about it, Pete had a reckless element to his personality, even in boyhood, let alone during NTE.  Because of this, I experienced stuff a little wilder than I would have otherwise, coming from the straight-laced home I was in.  Thus, Pete exposed me to other ways of living.  And as for sheer good times and laughs.....I think no one else on this very small list of mine gave me so many.  Pete....take it light up in the great gig in the sky.....and we'll pick up right where we left off when I get there.  Know that I was just crushed when I heard that you met your maker.  What a loss to know that I no longer have one of my key guys from my upbringing.  It kills me to write this eulogy Pete.  Love you, my man.  Always did.

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