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John Majewski

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08/31/15 06:01 PM #1    

Brian Higgins

I note with sadness the passing of my friend John Majewski. Thank you for the notice. I have not been in contact with him or his family for many years. The last time we met was at his wedding. I only knew Johnny for a few years, therefore, but more living was compressed into those few years than in long years after. I laugh when I recall our misadventures. He was a stocky young man who could bench press well in excess of his own weight his first year of High School. His friends know he loved music. He liked to sing. We teased him about it, and he obliged us by ceasing, at least when we were present. Johnny's love of music found practical expression in HiFi audio and records. Johnny was an audiophile. When we first met, I was as yet tuning-in audio broadcasts on a transistor radio and listening to recordings on a monaural cassette recorder. With Johnny's help, I successfully set up a state of the art stereo system, within budget, and yet one not so powerful as to try my family's patience. Collecting records was a mania I picked up from Johnny. I had never known anyone as particular about music. We had sometimes heated discussions about the pleasure of rock and roll versus an appreciation for the classics. He argued that quotes from the classics of music and literature can be found in the lyrics of pop music. We reached for consensus about the subjectivity of taste and how to explain changing favorite status. On one point we always agreed: living for the moment was the important thing, because nothing this good could last forever.

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