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Barbara Luick

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03/26/14 12:00 PM #1    

Marilyn Rapalee (McCaulley)

A few memories of my dear friend, Barb. It goes without saying that I think of her often, and wish I could have been there more for her. We never fully understand what other people are going through.

That said, I had an awesome time with Barb in high school. She took me to see John Prine, Bonnie Koloc and Steve Goodman, and gave me an appreciation for live music. We galloped horses singing the wordless Bonanza tune. We camped in Wisconsin and collected wild raspberries for breakfast. We passed notes in class, some that I still have! (And am glad that the teachers did not collect!) We played hookey on a powder day and drove to Alpine Valley to ski. (My mom wrote a note saying I was sick. Barb went to detention.) I taught her to like coffee, and together we learned (on our way back from Alpine Valley) how to pump gas. (It was full service before that.) I am pretty sure at that moment in time that gas prices were 74 cents a gallon. We were both shocked at that. I remember the last day of school going to Elder Lane Beach and watching the sunrise with a lot of other graduating seniors. I remember driving home from a concert somewhere up north and not exactly practicing good driving skills on our way back!

So, my dear friend, though not here to share these memories with, I am glad that I spent a few moments just pondering the good times we had. Here's to you. 

10/12/14 10:58 PM #2    

Carol Bihler (DeLoriea)

I wish I had known Barb better. She seemed to be a true friend. I remember her mom died while in high school like my mom. My experience with that was much different than Barb's was in that my grandmother came to live with us and deep family routines pretty normal. In Barb's case she had to be one to try to keep some family things routine as a high school student. I certainly don't remember much acknowledgment about such things at school. Barb was always friendly to me. During the reunion this weekend I was very happy to see her photo a couple of times in the slide show. She will be in our hearts as long as we can remember.   Carol

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